The Underground Company

A Des Moines Underground Utility Contractor You Can Trust

We’re a family-owned underground utility company that specializes in stormwater systems, sanitary sewers, water mains, and concrete structures. Our team has been completing residential and public works projects across central Iowa for decades. From excavation to installation, we have the skills and expertise to give you peace of mind that it’ll be done right and that we will stand behind our work.

A concrete underground utility structure sits at one of The Underground Company's work sites.

Excavation and Utility Installation Services

Stormwater & Sanitary Sewers

We have extensive experience building and repairing stormwater drainage and sanitary sewer systems. You can trust us to do quality, long-lasting work.


We’ve built miles and miles of water mains over the years. Our team has the experience to install safe and reliable water systems that will last for years to come.


Storm sewer systems require drainage structures. We have the crews necessary to form and pour concrete structures in place on site, whether large or small, allowing the perfect fit and alignment needed for each project.


Some projects require digging around many utilities and going under existing roads. We have the tools and flexibility to meet a variety of challenges. This includes directional boring equipment and vac trucks that can be used for hydro excavation.

Experience. Honesty. Professionalism.

Our family-owned business remains focused on the same values we started with in 1986. We bring honesty, integrity, and professionalism to each job we do. Our knowledge of underground utility construction sets us apart, and our efficiency continues to differentiate us today.

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