Underground Utility Services

The Underground Company's excavator machines dig at an underground utility project work site.

At The Underground Company, We Do High-Quality Utility Installation

At The Underground Company, we’ve been digging, installing, and repairing underground utilities across central Iowa for 36 years. We apply those decades of experience to every job, performing high-quality and efficient work that’s meant to stand the test of time.

Our company specializes in constructing stormwater and sanitary sewers, water mains, and concrete drainage structures. We work on residential subdivisions and all types of public work projects.

We use our knowledge, expertise, and equipment to complete a range of jobs – both large and small. We’re easy to work with and able to finish even tricky projects in a timely manner.

Stormwater & Sanitary Sewers

Safe and efficient disposal of wastewater is vital in every community. When we work with you, you can count on us to do quality work in the trenches, paying close attention to time and budget.

Managing stormwater is essential to prevent flooding or erosion. We’re proficient in installing underground stormwater infrastructure, including concrete drainage structures.

Water Mains

Water mains deliver safe drinking water into homes and businesses. Reliability is key, and our team strives to build water mains that are secure and structurally sound to avoid future service disruptions.

Our team is careful to pay attention to soil conditions, surrounding utility lines and other considerations when laying pipe. We’ll ensure it’s done the right way.

Concrete Structures

Stormwater systems include drainage structures like catch basins, vaults, and headwalls. Our team has decades of experience building them, and we’ll put that to use.

We can form and pour concrete for the structures on site, making sure that they’re perfectly fitted to do the job.

Directional Boring

We’re committed to digging with care and precision. When projects require us to navigate around other utilities or bore under existing roads, we have the tools to meet the challenge.

We use directional boring equipment to lay pipes underground without disrupting the surface. We also have vac trucks that can perform hydro excavation, allowing for precise digging and minimal disturbance to the surrounding area.

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